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Orbital Research manufactures high performance frequency converters and components for the satellite communications industry. Our products – low noise block downconverters (LNBs), block downconverters (BDCs), low noise amplifiers (LNAs), multiplexers and more – offer the highest quality and reliability, even in the most challenging conditions.

We provide standard and customized products to customers in military, aeronautical, Earth observation, satellite news gathering (SNG), SATCOM-on-the-move (SOTM) and other satellite industries. And because our frequency converters are professionally engineered, hand-tuned and individually tested, we can guarantee high performance.


Browse our wide range of products: high quality satellite LNBs, BDCs, LNAs, bias tees, mux tees, diplexers, L-band combiners and dividers, 10 MHz reference oscillators and more.

Do you want to cover an entire band with a single antenna? Explore our PLL and external reference BDCs for C, Ku, Ka and X-band.

Learn about our individually tuned and tested C, Ku, Ka and X-band LNBs. Each state-of-the-art unit comes with its very own specs.

Discover our “System Interface Products (SIPs)” – multiplexers, oscillators, combiners, dividers and power supplies.

We can create custom systems that integrate all the components you need in a single box or rack-mount unit – without a mess of wires.


Watch a series of short videos on some of Orbital’s most popular RF and intermediate frequency (IF) components-including our mux tees, precision oscillators, thru tees and external reference LNBs.

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