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Custom BDCs, LNBs and SIP
Orbital Research Ltd. builds standard and custom BDCs, Professional and Modified LNBs, Bias Tees, Mux Tees, Diplexers, Combiners, Dividers, 10 MHz Reference Oscillators, 10 MHz Splitters, Outdoor Enclosures, Power Supplies with BNC Connectors, and we will engineer solutions to order.

Block Downconverters
Block Downconverters (BDCs)
Modified LNBs
Modified Low Noise Block Downconverters (Mod LNBs)
Low Noise Block Downconverters
Professionsl Low Noise Block Downconverters (Pro LNBs)
System Interface Products (SIPs)
Rack-Mounted BDCs

SMA Input Waveguide Input
Featured Product
Orbital X-Band U-Tube Transmit Bandpass Filter

U-Tube and Inline Compact Reception System Components may be ordered separately or as integrated units.

The Transmit Band Pass Filter exceptional filter provides over 92 dB of Attenuation in the receive band relative to the transmit band.

In 2014 we will be attending the following shows
and we would like to invite our clients to meet us there.

Satellite 2014 | March 10-13, 2014
Walter E. Washington Convention Centre, Washington, DC

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